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What happens after a completed application is submitted?

Once a completed application is submitted online to The Henry Foundation by the stated deadline, the organization’s name and contact information are verified by staff and the proposal is reviewed for completeness. If necessary, an applicant may be contacted regarding any clarifications or omissions and/or a site visit may be scheduled to further discuss the application for funding.

At that time, the organization’s current IRS Federal Tax Identification Number will be re-verified. During further staff review of a pending request, any other information pertinent to a decision whether or not to fund the proposal will be outlined in staff comments to be reviewed by the Board of Directors. (NOTE: Applicants are not encouraged to submit additional materials other than those requested and/or required on the grant application.)

What information does the Foundation’s Board of Directors review?

In advance of a scheduled meeting, the Grant Committee of the Board of Directors will receive a summary list together with a copy of the Foundation staff’s Due Diligence Review of pending proposals for consideration, noting the amount and purpose of each request and whether they are a capital, special project, or general operating (program) request.

How are decisions made on the requests?

At the Board of Director’s meeting, the funding recommendations compiled from the preliminary review by the Grant Committee are presented. A consensus will be reached on a request by request basis for each organization’s application and a Board Recommendation Report will be prepared containing any further information discussed or reviewed at the meeting. Requests receiving minimal interest will likely be declined.

What happens after the Board meeting?

Following the Board of Director’s meeting, those organizations that have been granted a contribution, will receive a grant approval notice within three to five business days. Once checks are prepared and signed, another notification, including a Grant Agreement Form, will be sent requesting an authorized officer for the organization complete and return it to The Henry Foundation to verify receipt of the funding. The form will include a deadline for required follow-up of the grant evaluation and outcomes. Those organizations that have been declined a grant will receive communication pertaining to their request for funding.






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