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Acknowledging a contribution is, of course, important for any organization as part of the stewardship process with its financial supporters. As stated in the letter to each organization receiving a grant, responses may be directed to Jim and Paula Henry at the address provided. Client ‘success stories’ and thank you notes or letters, even pictures or group cards, are also welcomed as they personalize the impact of the funding. Any necessity for confidentiality with regard to names, organization or type of service will be fully respected by the Board of Directors and staff of The Henry Foundation.

Apart from the simple words of ‘thank you,’ The Henry Foundation requests assessment of the difference the funds made for achieving change in the lives of individuals and families who are helped or a description of lasting results that are accomplished for the community.

A grant report made by the Foundation is required at the close of the grant period, typically at the end of the organization’s fiscal year after the grant is made. Each grantee organization will submit the Grant Report through the online system describing:

  • How the funds were used.
  • Whether the program or project met the goals and outcomes outlined in the proposal. Why?
  • What lessons were learned for future programs?

At the time the grant is made, the Foundation will request specific outcomes and plans for collecting and measuring the necessary data from each organization.

In some cases, invitations for donor recognition may be honored.









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