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Donor Intent

VISION: Improving the quality of life for citizens of Midland, Texas through giving which will have a lasting effect.


The Henry Foundation was established on August 9, 2006, with the Office of the Secretary of State in Texas as a 501(c) organization under Texas Code Section 11.18 (c). Its purpose is “to receive and administer funds which shall be used exclusively for the performance of charitable activities within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3) and the Texas Tax Code Section 11.18 (c).”

Specifically the Corporation is “organized to engage directly in the support of charitable, benevolent, religious, eleemosynary (defined as generous in assistance to the poor), literary, patriotic, civic, and scientific and educational purposes and to support other qualified organizations or entities engaged in such purposes, all in compliance with the Corporation’s tax exempt status, the Internal Revenue Code and Texas law.” (Certification of Formation, Article 5, Purposes, page 2)


l) Share Christian charity (with excellence), i.e., to’ live it’, focusing on problem solving and self-help for others.

2) Teach family giving for the second generation and beyond.

3) Encourage company giving of time and financial resources through employee involvement and investment back into the community.

4) Improve community life, i.e., to be visionary and inspire quality; to think “outside the box,” and to promote opportunities for all people in communities (primarily Midland) where the Henrys have been connected during their lifetimes.

MISSION: Focusing Resources to Change Lives


Henry Foundation Objectives

  • 1

    To make Midland a better place by supporting quality of life for all community residents.

  • 2

    To identify key projects to address community focus and direction.

  • 3

    To collaborate (partner and invest) with other non-profit organizations in order to address issues within the community which impede quality of life for all residents.

  • 4

    To invite other foundations and community groups to join in thoughtful giving which addresses root causes and "builds fences” rather than “band-aids” issues for the community.


Other guiding life principles for Jim (as noted by Adam Meyerson, President of the Philanthropy Roundtable, during a visit to Midland in May 2012) include:

– “Building fences at the top of the cliff rather than ambulances at the bottom.”
– “A commitment to expanding business opportunity and to avoiding bureaucracy.”
– “A rifle focus on a smaller number of contributions rather than a shot gun approach.”
– “An emphasis on building and guiding smaller organizations with outstanding promise and leadership.”